Interview with Dallas LGBT Bar Association Member, Scott McMichael

DGLBA: What type of law do you practice now and why do you like it?

McMichael: Family law provides me the opportunity to assist people with critical issues affecting their everyday lives—the status of their relationships, the care and support of their children, and their financial security.

DGLBA: What do you like the most about being a lawyer/your job?

McMichael: I appreciate the opportunity to counsel people in developing informed objectives regarding their families and to help achieve them through negotiation and litigation. I appreciate the intangible rewards of representing children and parents through Child Protective Services proceedings. Over the last year, I have expanded my practice to include assistance of those children and young adults with immigration issues having a family law component.

DGLBA: What do you with your free time? Hobbies, community service, etc. What are things that you enjoy and why?

McMichael: Free time? Aside from Facebook and Twitter? When possible, I enjoy spending downtime with friends and family—movies, dining, events, and especially travel. I love travelling overseas, especially to see my brother’s family, but also enjoy travelling domestically, especially New Orleans and Santa Fe. I have a longstanding interest in progressive politics and LGBT issues, so I will often attend meetings and events promoting those causes. I recently completed a six-year term on the Board of Jane’s Due Process, an organization providing legal representation to pregnant minors. I am a sustaining member and former board member of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas. I am a former board member of the LGBT Law Section of the State Bar of Texas and former Vice President of our Dallas LGBT Law Section. I continue to serve as Vice President of my homeowner’s association.

DGLBA: What was the last book that you read, why you did or did not like it?

McMichael: I mostly read news articles and blogs. So far as novels, I’ve started many more than I’ve completed. As a history geek, I prefer non-fiction. As far as fiction, I enjoyed the history, mystery, and intrigue of the Da Vinci Code.

DGLBA: Famous person or persons you’d most like to meet and why? And if you could pick their brains over dinner, what would you ask?

McMichael: Hillary Clinton and President Clinton absolutely, but not sure where I’d begin or end. I enjoy foreign policy and diplomacy, so would probably ask a lot about their experiences travelling the globe and serving the country. I’d also like to meet Nelson Mandela and ask what gave him the resolve to fight oppression, survive political imprisonment, and yet emerge as a benevolent, tolerant, forgiving leader. He’s just amazing. I regret that I never met Ann Richards or Barbara Jordan, strong women that survived many odds through strong convictions.

DGLBA: If you could travel to any place on earth where would it be and why would you want to go there?

McMichael: Visit my niece and nephews in London first of all. I enjoy travelling Europe—next stops are probably Spain, Wales, and the Czech Republic. Australia is near the top of my list if I can break away for an extended vacation. Also, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina.

DGLBA: What is your favorite thing to do when you have time to relax?

McMichael: See above.

DGLBA: What are your favorite foods and why?

McMichael: Depends on my mood—I have a particular weakness for desserts.

DGLBA: What was the last place you went on vacation and what did you do?

McMichael: Last trip was Santa Fe with a group of friends. It was my third trip, so we mostly skipped the main attractions and visited Taos and Madrid on day trips. As always, we included a trip to the spa.

DGLBA: Favorite wine? Favorite beer? Favorite drink?

McMichael: Wine – Pinot Noir, Beer – Shiner Bock, Drink – gallons of iced tea

DGLBA: What was one of the things you have done in your life that was a big rush? Like white water rafting, jumping out of an airplane, singing on stage, acting in a play, driving a race car, piloting a plane, etc.? Why did you or did you not like about it?

McMichael: Serving in the escort motorcades for Hillary Clinton and for President Clinton during the 2008 campaign. Unbelievable.

DGLBA: Secret passion/secret wish—be a rock star? Be a chef? Be a teacher?

McMichael: Not so secret passion—United States Foreign Service. Wish I had proceeded with it when I was accepted and had the opportunity.

DGLBA: Where did you go for your undergrad? What did you major in? And where did you go to law school?

McMichael: Texas Christian. B.A. in Spanish and Political Science (emphasis in International Relations) and minor in History. U. of Texas at Austin

DGLBA: How long have you been a member of DGLBA? What is it that you like the most about being a member of DGLBA?

McMichael: I can’t remember exactly, but probably around 10 years. I enjoy stealing away for an hour a month to enjoy the camaraderie, good food, and interesting CLE. We’ve really developed as an organization over the past couple years, and I’m particularly encouraged by the number of students, young attorneys, and straight allies that now attend or present CLE.

DGLBA: What do you consider your three greatest accomplishments?

McMichael: Learning Spanish, 20th year of practicing law and 6th year of solo family law practice, and Personally and professionally, advocating for civil rights and social justice.

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